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Warner Brothers

Paramount Pictures

Disney Junior

Playhouse Disney

Universal Home Video

MGM Home Entertainment

Lions Gate Entertainment 

Lord Of The Rings - TV Merchandising

The Fast and the Furious - TV Merchandising

Marvel Comics - TV Merchandising

The Highlander - TV Merchandising

Xena, Warrior Princess - TV Merchandising

Hercules - TV Merchandising

Toyo Tires - TV

Doc McStuffins - Educational


Parkay - Educational

Pepsi - Educational

Kellogg’s - Educational

Kraft Foods - Educational

Tropicana - Educational

Domino’s Pizza - Educational

Lincoln / Mercury - Educational

Electronic Arts - Educational

Bank of America - Educational

Ballpark Franks - Educational

Coldwell Banker Previews

St. Ives - TV

Disney Channel


Virgin Records

Discovery Records

DirecTV / RCA / NFL Superbowl

Wherehouse Entertainment

Cessna Aviation

Leslie’s Pool Supplies

Melissa’s Foods



Nelson Nameplate

Party Planners West

Promax and BDA

L.A. Museum of Natural History

K-911, Inc.

Molina Medical

Litton Industries


Schrillo Company

GKN Aerospace

Adams Rite Aerospace

Frobel Land (theme park), Shanghai

Wonderland (theme park), Dubai UAE

Davis • Panzer Productions

Davis Anderson Merchandising

Mark Goodson Productions

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